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Start earning passive
income by referring friends

It’s really this simple. 

Refer your friends to us, and earn up to AED 500 with every successful referral completed.

Referral Earning -
the key to
unlocking passive income stream

Most probably, you have a little over 300 contacts in your friends list. Don’t they deserve the best credit card out there?

Earn AED 500 with EVERY successful referral you make with FISO. 

No strings attached. No hidden charges. No sign-up fee required.  Everyone's a winner!

Get started today

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Your hunt for the best credit card in the UAE ends here

Credit cards offer advantages that Debit Cards don't: 

Special cashback offers in UAE: With Cashback on every purchase, the credit card holder can avail a cashback ranging from 2%-5% on every purchase. 

Air Miles: Vacation planning has never been easier. On every subsequent purchase, the credit card holder is entitled to travel discount points. 

Best Discounts in UAE on credit cards: With Fiso’s carefully curated range of credit cards from top banks, you get access to amazing discounts.